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Dr. Luis Velis (Luigi)

Dr. Luigi from Gemini Dental

In 1998, I graduated with Honors (President's Recognition) at the University of Florida from a 2-year residency in General Dentistry for foreign-trained dentists. I have been at Gemini Dental for over 20 years. My strength focuses on implants and cosmetic dentistry but I have the advanced training, experience, and technology to be able to personally handle every step of a patient’s cosmetic and reconstructive dental goals. I continue to take continuing education courses to keep me on the cutting edge.

Fun facts about Dr. Luigi:

  • Born and Raised in Lima, Peru


  • Favorite Food: Everything. Especially grill and barbeque.

  • Favorite Place to Visit: Peru! I love the waves at the beaches and the Pacific Ocean. I enjoy it all, from the salting air to the crashing waters.


  • Favorite Hobby/Interest: Tennis! I can be very competitive. 

  • Favorite Dental Experience: I had a patient who lost her smile over time. She wanted to bring her smile back but was scared of dentistry, thinking that the process would be painful. One day, she contacted our practice for help, and since then, she loves her new smile and has regained her confidence. It was a very rewarding experience. 

Dr. Jorge Velis

Dr. Jorge from Gemini Dental

I graduated as a Dentist in 1994. After completing all National Dental Boards successfully, I attended the special two-year residency in General Dentistry for Foreign-Trained Dentists at the University of Florida, College of Dentistry in Gainesville. I graduated and obtained my Florida Dental License in 1998.

Fun facts about Dr. Jorge:

  • Born and Raised in Lima, Peru


  • Favorite Food: Ceviche, of course!

  • Favorite Place to Visit: Tulum, Mexico! It's a great place to disconnect and feel grounded. No internet and few distractions, allow for a very relaxing experience.


  • Favorite Hobby/Interest: Walking along the beach. It provides a good feeling of being grounded. 

  • Favorite Dental Experience: A patient had gone through a terrible accident and fractured her front teeth. We didn't know what her smile was like before the accident but we were able to use veneers and crowns to bring back her smile. The patient was surprised and extremely happy as she didn't expect to regain her smile after what had happened. The joy she exhibited afterward makes it worth being a dentist.

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